Club Rules

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Currumbin District Horse Club Inc. (CDHC)
Equestrian Australia Affiliate Club
Club Policies, Procedures and Rules Updated 2019

Aim of the Currumbin District Horse Club

  1. For members to have fun in the company of horses while building lasting friendships with likeminded people.
  2. To create and maintain a friendly atmosphere that is relaxed and welcoming to all members and their guests at all times.
  3. To always have safety as our number one priority aiming to limit the risk of any horses, riders and handers getting hurt.
  4. Encourage development of horse riding and horse handling skills for the mutual benefit of the horses and our members.
  5. Further educate members on the physical, mental and emotional health and welfare of horses.
  6. To assist, guide and mentor beginners.

Club membership

Membership is renewed annually from the 1st March.  To join CDHC riders will need to log on through and register electronically, with payment at the same time.  Membership costs can be found on our website.  A condition of membership requires members to contribute 8hours of volunteer work.  This may be done through working bees, help at set up for events, help on competition days/ events, donating items to the canteen etc… A list will be able to be viewed before each working bee so members may allocate a preferred task.  Alternatively an option to be excluded from these tasks by way of an annual fee is offered.

Refusal or termination of membership

The CDHC Committee reserves the right to refuse an application of membership. A person refused membership will be notified and may appeal to The Committee in writing. The Committee also has the right to terminate any membership if that member fails to comply with any of the provisions of these CDHC Rules/Model Rules and/or EA Affiliate Member Rules and Regulations or conducts himself or herself in a manner considered to be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests of CDHC Inc. Termination of Membership may be immediate if the Committee deems that members actions to have caused a safety risk or injury to themselves, other members and/or a horse/s.
General Rules and Ground Rules

  1. CDHC grounds are for the use of Financial Members Only (On Competition days Financial EA members may use CDHC Club grounds)
  2. A Membership with any debt to CDHC is deemed unfinancial and may not use club grounds.
  3. Members are responsible for being aware of, and complying with, all Rules and Regulations and Safety and Directional Signage.
  4. Any loss of, or damage to, CDHC equipment or property by a member, their guest/s, their dog/s or horse/s or a visitor must be replaced or repaired at the member’s/visitor’s expense.
  5. Horse riding is a dangerous activity and horse behavior can be unpredictable therefore No Responsibility is/will be accepted by CDHC or its Committee Members for any loss, damage or injury to any person, animal or property occurring within the confines of the club grounds.
  6. No responsibility is/will be accepted by CDHC or its Committee Members for any loss, theft, damage or injury occurring within the confines of the club ground.
  7. Members are advised to use the grounds with caution in the rain and when the grounds are wet.
  8. Do not ride, drive or park on grass when the grounds are wet.
  9. All gates must be kept closed, includes paddock, arenas, Show Grounds and stall gates.
  10. Any member may use club equipment. The equipment is to be cleaned and put away after use.
  11. All manure is to be picked up and placed in the designated areas.
  12. All horses on CDHC grounds must be controlled and controllable, therefore;
    • No horses are to be let loose on club grounds.
    • No unbroken horses on club grounds. A permit maybe issued, per horse, to a CDHC approved handler/trainer in certain circumstances.
    • No entire horses, that is colt or stallions, except under Event Rules (EA). A permit maybe issued, per horse, to a CDHC approved handler/trainer in certain circumstances.
    • No horses 2 years and under, except under Event Rules (EA). A permit maybe issued, per horse, to a CDHC approved handler/trainer in certain circumstances.

Clinics and Events

  1. Horses may be left on the club grounds overnight with the approval of the Committee, but must be restrained in holding yards or in an area designated by the committee.
  2. No horses are permitted on spectator viewing mounds around the arena/s or inside the ‘spectator safe’ fence surrounding the Club House
  3. No horses are to be tethered to gates or fences around the Club House
  4. No shoeing, grooming, feeding or otherwise tending to horses in the car parking areas.
  5. The wash bay and holding yard area (stalls) must be left clean after us.
  6. Dogs are not permitted on club grounds unless they are on a lead and under control.
  7. Members and visitors not adhering to Club Rules and/or EA Rules and Regulations will be asked to remove themselves and their horse/s from CDHC grounds.

Riders, Handlers and Trainers

  1. Junior members must have responsible adult supervision.
  2. All riders must have adult supervision when using jumps.
  3. Members and visitors must comply with all Directional and Safety Signage.
  4. Members and visitors must comply with instructions from Officials and Committee Members.
  5. Mistreatment of horses will not be tolerated. Offenders will be dealt with immediately and incidents recorded in the ‘Incident Book’ for further action by the Committee.
  6. Handlers and Trainers must wear suitable closed in shoes when working with horses and also wear an in-date safety helmet when training on the ground example: lungeing, long reining, Natural Horsemanship etc.
  7. Riders, Handlers and Trainers must be in control of their horse/s, see General Rule 12.
  8. Non-agisted horses are not to be ridden or left in the paddock where agisted horses are grazing.

CDHC General Code of Conduct

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.
  2. Be fair, considerate and honest in all dealing with others.
  3. Be professional in, and accept responsibility for, your actions.
  4. Refrain from any form of harassment of others.
  5. Refrain from any behaviour that may bring the Currumbin District Horse Club into disrepute.
  6. Do not use your involvement with Currumbin District Horse Club to promote your own beliefs, behaviours or practices where these are inconsistent with those of the Club.
  7. Maintain high personal behaviour standards at all times.
  8. Conduct yourself in a professional manner relating to language and temper.
  9. Bad language and offensive behavior will not be tolerated. Offenders will be dealt with immediately by Officials/Committee.
  10. Members are responsible for their own conduct and for that of their family members and guests whilst on club grounds.
  11. Adult Members are at all times fully responsible for the behavior and actions of the Junior Members under their Family Membership.

CDHC endorses EA Policies in regards to, Hot Weather, Code of Conduct for the Horse, Stallion Guidelines, Discipline Rules, Clean Sport for Horses, Making Eventing Safer, Ride by the Rules, Play by the Rules, Cyberbulling.